Hallstatt is a very beautiful, small city in Austria that can be visited in winter for skiing, but also in the summer for many beautiful attractions. This summer, I have spent a part of my vacation in Gossau, a city near Hallstatt and one day I decided to give Hallstatt a chance to impress me with its beauties; and it was actually very impressive and I really enjoyed my visit there. The things that I really recommend you to do and the places you should not miss during your stay in Hallstatt, Austria are the following:

  1. Admire the beautiful and majestic Hallstatt Zee from above

You can hop on the funicular that will get you straight on top of the mountain where the view is amazing. There you can take wonderful photos (because there are a lot of wonderful, instagrammable places) or eat a tasty snack. Then you can take a nice walk that will take you to the Salz Welten.

  1. Visit the Salz Welten

The Salz Welten from Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful Salt Mines I have ever seen. First of all, you will be dressed like a typical worker in the mine and then you will start your tour. You will hear many inspiring stories about the history of the mine and at some point you will even have to get on two slides during your visit inside the mine. These slides were used by the miners to carry the salt and their tools from one level of the mine to another. Do not be scared! It is very funny to do that and you can even make a contest about “Who reaches the greatest speed”. The last part of the tour will include a train that will take you to some tight tunnels. After leaving the salt, every tourist will receive a souvenir consisting of a tiny bottle filled with salt.

  1. Panorama City

If you have climbed the mountain with the funicular railway, you can get down by foot to admire the beautiful places where you can see the whole city, the city square, the sea and the cities nearby Hallstatt. Also, for those who share a passion for photography - Believe me, you will find some incredible places for some shots!

  1. City Square

The city square is a very beautiful location, surrounded with flowers and filled with people relaxing and eating ice-cream. I recommend you to take a walk on every alley in this area, because it will show you a more peaceful part of the city, with less visitors, that will give you a feeling of relaxation.

  1. The souvenir shops

Obviously, the best way to end a visit to a city is by going to the souvenir shops. I love buying pens from every place I go and I have a really big collection which I hope to grow more and more. You will find many interesting things there that you can buy in order to remind you of Hallstatt.


Do you?   

  Do you have a dream so big that you cannot sleep at night? Do you have some goals so important that you cannot stop thinking about? Do you have a passion that is always on your mind?

  I have. And I think that a very important aspect in life is that everybody should find their “passion”, the thing that they absolutely love to do. Having a passion is more than having a hobby. Having a passion means more than liking to do something. Having a passion is something specific to you, that no one can ever take it away; it is something that represents you and that makes you unique. We should be proud of our “passions” and we should not be afraid to show them to the world.  

  Having a passion is very important because:

  •   It gives you power
  •   It makes you happy
  •   It helps you get over some obstacles in your life
  •   It makes you stronger
  •   It makes you be productive
  •   It helps you meet new people
  •   It gets you out of your comfort zone

I have some things that I am very passionate about and I cannot stop thinking about them. For example, fitness represents one of my passions. It helps me do something productive everyday, because I am working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building a nice physique. Fitness makes me happy and when I am sad or I have a problem, I know that going to the gym will help me feel better. I can also transform my passion into a job that I would love and I could help other people lose weight or get muscles. It also helped me connect with a lot of people. I also know many people that follow their dreams and that share their passions with others: I have friends that opened their own businesses, friends that are great athletes or friends that decided to make music( you can listen to 5ebba -Stack It Up available on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music, that is a single of one of my friends) .And these are just some of the benefits of having a passion.

If you have the courage to pursue your dreams and make them turn into reality, your passion can become even more. It can be your full-time job. Everyday, we hear people around us that say how much they hate their job and how sad they are that they have to wake up early in the morning to go to work. Do not be that type of person; but be the one that was so ambitious and motivated to achieve more. Follow your passion, work for it and you will love your every-day life. Never be afraid of failure or about what others would say.

My advice for you would be to think about all the things you love, the things that make you feel most alive and that give you so much happiness. Think about them, write them down and then think about how you can transform them into an every-day job. Then do it! Work for it and never stop until you are more than satisfied!








Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States….the landscape that will always leave you breathless. One of the most spectacular and imposing places where nature and wildlife come together to create a sensational scenery proving to the daily tourists how tiny the man is compared to the whole Universe…

As I was already loving Las Vegas, abstaining from booking a one-day tour at the Grand Canyon became an impossible task. Thus, I strongly recommend you to visit this stunning area from the United States of America because it is an example of how powerful the nature is and how insignificant we are compared to it. Grand Canyon makes you be thankful to be alive and shows you how amazing life can be. It also shows us the beautiful wildlife and the numerous species of animals that exist in just one single area.

The birds that sing pleasant songs, the wind that blows peacefully, the squirrels the wait for the kind tourists to feed them, the deers that quietly look at you from the other side of the road and the greatness that surrounds you - These are the things that make the Grand Canyon such an amazing destination.

After a full day of visiting, having fun and taking lots of photos, our trip visit was coming to an end. As we were approaching the bus that was supposed to take us back to Las Vegas, the driver told us we had a little problem: the bus had a massive flat tire. We had to stay at the Grand Canyon for a couple of hours to wait for another bus to arrive and take us home. Most of the tourists were upset and decided to stay near the driver and talk negative aspects about this experience; but me and my family loved the opportunity to admire the Canyon at sunset. I still have this image in my head every time I am thinking about travelling. I think that this was the most beautiful moment there. When everyone was gone, when the moon was starting to replace the sun and you could stay there, alone with the mountains, the sky, the river and your own thoughts, reflecting and meditating. I have stopped for a minute and I have admired this beautiful place for one more time.  Besides the fact that I had the chance to see what Grand Canyon has to offer at every moment of the day I understood that you have to know how to react at everything that happens in your life. You can be happy and see the opportunities or you can get mad and destroy your karma. Is just a matter of perception. You can use the 10-90 rule: 10% is what happens to you and 90% is how you react. Remember this!

12 Things you should definitely do at the Grand Canyon:

  • Enjoy and admire one of the most amazing and breath-taking views you can ever see
  • Eat the Grand Canyon ice-cream (perfect on a hot summer day; and also very tasty)
  • Visit the Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Go to Mather Point and take some incredible instagrammable photos
  • Feed the squirrels and look for the Grand Canyon hawk
  • Take a walk on the Grand Canyon National Park
  • Take a photo with the Grand Canyon pink jeeps
  • Get your passport tattooed with the Canyon’s emblem
  • Take a helicopter skywalk tour
  • Watch the wonderful sunset that takes over the Grand Canyon
  • Listen to the sound of nature
  • Be happy; Love your life

How would you define love?

I want to begin by mentioning that I am not referring to the word “LOVE” as you may think I am. I am not referring strictly to relationships, silly love stories or things like that, but I am referring to the things that make life worth living. We sometimes realize too late that the things that truly matter in life are the simple and accessible ones, like watching the stars on a beautiful summer night, walking around the beach and admiring the ocean, playing with a dog, exercising on a sunny day, laughing with your friends, listening to music or spending some quality time with your family on a Sunday evening. These are the moments we should be in LOVE with. We should appreciate everything and always be grateful, wish for more to come and try our best to help others.

In my opinion, love is the most powerful and important word and feeling someone could ever say or feel. I believe that without “LOVE” nothing is possible. You have to love what you are doing, you have to love the person you are spending your time with and you have to love what life has to offer to you in order to be happy and to live an incredible life. Everybody talks about loving someone, loving something or being in love. People always post love quotes or listen to love songs. I really believe that if you want to live a beautiful and peaceful life you have to LOVE everything around you, even the bad situations that may appear.

I have recently read a book about some spiritual laws of success (which a very close friend of mine had recommended it to me) and some of the most important things that I have learned from it were that you have to accept everything that happens to you, you have to be a kind person and help others and you have to give others love and kindness in order to receive this back and to be surrounded by love. I think that everybody wants to be happy and wants to have a flourishing lifestyle, but not many are willing to do the simple things that get you there. Mindset is the base of our success or failure. If you have a positive attitude set on smiling, helping people and spreading happiness, LOVE will always find its way to you. In order to live the life that you have always dreamed of, you should be in harmony with everything around you and you should love every little thing that comes to you. Rather than focusing on the negative, try to focus on the positive.

For me LOVE is one of the most powerful forces that exists in this world and it is the most important thing that you could give or receive. I am always trying to live in the present and I am always trying to enjoy every moment and be in LOVE with my life and I think that you should do this too!

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